Welcome to the Climate Information Portal - CIP

Climate Systems Analysis Group University of Cape Town


What is CIP?

CIP is a web interface that integrates two important information sources into one easy to use interface. The first important source is a climate database that stores and manages queries to a large suite of observational climate data as well as projections of future climate. The second important source of information is an extensive collection of guidance documentation that facilitates the best use of the climate data, it's interpretation and, importantly, resultant actions. The philosophy guiding CIP is that data is not information and as such only has value when well interpreted and correctly used or applied to appropriate problems.

Who is CIP for?

CIP is targeted at a wide range of users. CIP has been designed to easy and intuitive to use so as to provide easy and simple access to various climate information. However CIP has also been designed to offer important features such as data downloads that suite users more familiar with climate data. It is our hope that as CIP develops, and you the user provides us with feedback, we will continue to satisfy the needs of a wide range of users.

How do I get started?

In order to get started we do first ask that you register. This is not to limit access but just so that we have an idea of who is using CIP and for what purpose. It is also useful for those hopefully rare cases where we find a bug or a problem with the data. In that case we would like to be able to contact users with the information. Once you have registered you can login to CIP and start exploring!

If you have already done all this then please just continue straight to the maps.